A Letter to My Little Lion

A Letter to My Little Lion

Dear Rory, 

I have waited so long to meet you! Your daddy and I are going crazy with anticipation. I am overwhelmed by the thought that in a few short days, I will be able to hold you in my arms! 

Even before you are born, you are already teaching me so much. You are reminding me that as your mother, I am your guide. Despite any plans I make for you, you will follow your own path. As your guide, I am here to help you find your way, to protect you, to teach you, and to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. 

You have yet to make your appearance into the world, but I already love you more than I knew ever possible. I’ve been crying every day that I cannot hold you in my arms. You have inherited my persistence; it will help you achieve your goals throughout life.

I will do my best to teach you to be adventurous. That fear is inevitable, which is okay, but that you can do hard things despite feeling that fear. The world is full of adventure, but you must be willing to embrace all of the emotions that come with it. 

I promise to try my best to welcome you into this world, without expectation. I will do my best not to project my ideas, the should’s and should not’s that I have learned over a lifetime on who you are as a human. I want to teach you to be open-minded, to think critically, and to form your own opinions. That differences are to be embraced and appreciated, not feared or rejected. I want to teach you to speak up for your beliefs, for yourself, for others that need your help, and to do so respectfully. 

These are my goals and wishes that I have for us, my Little Lion. I cannot wait to teach you all of these lessons as well as sharing the world with you! We live in an amazing place, minutes from the ocean, miles from the desert, and a short drive from the mountains. I will show them all to you and teach you the power and beauty of our home here on earth. We will travel and experience cultures from around the world. Everyday you will be surrounded by love, from me, from Daddy, and your two doggy brothers. We have all been waiting patiently to meet you. We love you so much! 

All the love in my heart,


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