Days 3& 4 prompts are to choose a positive habit you would like to have, and choose a bad habit you would like to lose.  I’ll put these two together.

One thing that I would like to implement is daily stretching. How am I going to do this? Well, I can make time by eliminating a bad habit- sitting on the couch watching TV.  After dinner, I (probably like most americans) sit on my ass and watch way too much TV.  As an introvert, especially when it is dark and damp outside, it is all too easy to just go home, eat dinner, and avoid quality conversation with my husband by becoming a zombie in front of the LED picture box (I almost put CRT, but what is this 2006?).  It is one of those habits I am embarrassed by, so I don’t talk much about it.  When I was so busy and gone all the time, a few precious hours to reboot were very nice to have.  Now, however, it is a bad habit that I would like to limit.

By implementing Operation get up and stretch, I’m sure this will help with my goals of being a fastie, running long distance, and NOT BEING HURT.  Somehow, I never do this though.  This is different from a goal, its more of making small changes to be a better person.  It is one of the steps that I will take to help my chances of successfully meeting my actual goals.

All in all, these are two things that I would like to change.  It doesn’t mean I won’t watch TV, but I can carve out some time to hit reset for my body by not vegging out on the couch.

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