The beginning: my training journey

The beginning: my training journey

This week is the beginning of my training journey. When I entered the lottery for NW-SF I started ramping up my weekly mileage and building a base. After being accepted into the race, I began to look for a race specific training plan. Now, 13 weeks away from race day, I’ve settled on a plan. I’ve modified the recommended Nike training plan that is associated with the race.  Since I still feel like I am on the verge of shin splints, I’ve decided to exchange ‘easy run’ days with bicycle commuting to work, and I will have 2 double-days per week to keep up with my Alaris strength training. This gives me 2 rest days, 2 cross training days, 2 quality runs (speed or hill intervals), and 1 long run each week. Strength training will be added to either quality run day or cross training day. 

I think that this is a sustainable, yet challenging schedule to keep. It’s week one and I’ve already had to rotate a rest day with a quality run because I planned to run after work, but it was far too hot and humid. Luckily I was able to disciine myself to running 400m intervals in the morning. 

I have started a long journey. It will be hard, but I’m up for the challenge!

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